Friday, November 28, 2008

RVCE Alumni Network

I was pleasantly surprised when last night I got a mail from Puneet Acharya about the RVCE alumni network website... because I didn’t think such a page would exist at all. That’s probably one downside of not going to a very highly respected college …you wont have much faith in the alumni network (rightly so in case of many engineering colleges coz they don’t deserve any). Anyway, I was wrong; there does exist such a page and its pretty neat too… They’ve come up with a neat database system where alumni can enter their contact details and other stuff. Wish such a system was in place when I was doing my engineering days.

Anyway, to all the other RVCE folks who have time to read drivel on this page, surely you have time to update your profile on this website? So go on and do your good deed for the day…

Link :

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Abysmal Jokes (AJ's) Part 5

Why do I call these jokes ‘abysmal’?
Because they are all ‘a bit small’. (This one is probably the limit AJ’s can go to …)

Why were everyone in the Boeing 747 laughing hysterically?
They were in cloud nine.

If you have some abysmal jokes and like getting hit with tomatoes, send them to

Back with a Bang! (Ouch)

Well, it’s been a long hiatus and I don’t seem to be able to come up with any post that is longer than half a page (or quarter for that matter). So I’ve decided to dump my half formed ideas and non-ideas as is on the blog. Any way.. here goes.

Finally I got some free time over the past weekend or so, and decided to do something that’s very arduous and tiring on the mind: going to the gym. That’s because I must have lost more weight exercising my brain over deciding whether to go to the gym or not. Can exercising the brain really make one lose weight ? That would be wonderful got a weight problem? Heres a maths paper…Im sure you’ll lose some weight on it. And for the heavyweights, what better than the CAT 2008 paper!! People will need a magnifying glass to find you.

Coming back to the point.. Ive finally started going to gym,and I hope Ill stick on with it. In a few months you’ll see a leaner and meaner me, and guess who I’ll remind you of…..Your Company OF COURSE !!