Saturday, July 01, 2006

Why the hell does this blog exist anyway????

I am as baffled, dear reader, by the above question as you might be right now. Truth be told, this blog was created much before its purpose was envisioned... A bad analogy would be comparing this blog to an misbegotten child, but since my infertile brain is unable to come up with a better one, this one should suffice.

Well, my first post is ample proof of my blog's unprepared headlong dash into blogosphere. I mean, how many blogs start off the all important auspicious first post with a mere two words? A perfunctory remark acknowledging the reader is all one gets, which is also the exact manner in which I answer the telephone.

Anyway no point crying over spilt ink. Or pressed keystrokes. Whatever. I will try to make amends in this post... Here are two primary reasons that have impelled me to start this blog :

1) I wanting improvement of my abysmel English.
I'm exaggerating here, hope you got that. On a more serious note ( Start-> Accessories-> Notepad ... now open a new file and call it Serious ) I realized that throughout my engineering course, I have never put pen on paper on my own accord. The only time I wrote anything was during the internal and final exams, or during the few occasions I came late and had to sit in the first bench of PB Sir's class. Well, the occasional smart Alec among my readers may argue that by blogging, I am still not putting pen on paper. Let me inform him that my first draft is always on a piece of paper. So there.

2) Alternative career option of writing.
I guess this is a very valid point, especially in these days of hire and fire jobs. Whatever happened to good old job security? So beware, naive and trusting engineer, do not rush to the letterbox with rosy apparitions of your ( imaginary? ) girl/boy friend when you see a pink slip, for it carries a much more fiery message. Two lessons should thus be learnt by every engineer. Always keep a back up career option. And whether the reason is for love or for a living, stay away from pink slips. They are dangerous in more ways than one.

Here's a last piece of advice I may add :
Illicit beer backfires.
I know this may leave a bad taste in your mouth ( not the beer, the advice ) but there is a simple message hidden in the first few letters of each word. ( Copyright :Schwaggeneger )

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