Monday, October 03, 2011


There was once a lovely Miss
with whom I started talking.
Talking to her was more refreshing
than a midnight walk in the park.
All I wanted to do was to hear her voice
everything else was just mundane noise.
ahh... wonderful Miss communication!

But will communication overcome
a great distance?
Little did i know
voices get blurred over oceans.
Something was certainly amiss
and when we do talk its not the same
Wish I could talk to you still
without the hint of a chill.
ahh... I miss Communication!!

There must be a lesson in all this
that I just dont seem to learn.
Sometimes things are too late
and you need to leave everything to fate.
aaaargh... I hate miscommunication!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Family matters

Heres an adviserly rambling blog post....
For a change, I have the whole house to myself. With a lazy weekend in front of me, my mind wanders casually over the past few weeks of life here. With my parents' visit , they have been quite hectic. Now that they have gone, there is a silence in the house I'm not used to.

Family matters. They are the only ones who stand by you go with you wherever you go. Its often that you take these relationships for granted. Which is bad. There... I made my point for this blog.

People handle staying away from family differently. Some of them miss their family and constantly whine about it. They make a flurry of phone calls across the Atlantic everyday. They share their many concerns and moments of happiness with people back home. Some others try to hide themselves from their homesick feelings. They tell themselves they can handle things on their own and see their impulses to call back home as a sign of weakness.

Probably the only unconditional support you will get is from your family. Dont underestimate that.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beautiful Niagara

Two faces of the Fall. Rainbow. Ahhh..... Seeing Niagara Falls close up is something I enjoyed immensely. Looking at the torrent of water gushing down, you can help being in awe of such natural beauty.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Synthetic Happiness

Freedom is the enemy of synthetic happiness. Whats synthetic happiness? Listen on ...