Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh Secret Admirer

Oh secret admirer from country X,
You make me feel like I have lotsa muscles to flex

Day and night you read my latest post,
To you alone I raise this toast

What you see in my blog I seriously dont know
but you give my hit counter a really good go

So many times you reload this page, it almost sounds lame
Dame, you beat me at my own game !!??@#$!!!!!

I wonder who you are, I wonder what you do
I wonder if you wonder about me in the same way too!

I know I'm making this public, I'm making up hype
Please forgive me if you are the shy type..

But I'm a nice guy (no, really!), I can be discreet,
Anytime you want I'm ready for a private treat

Dont worry about how I get my visa,
I'll do anything for a chat with you over a pizza.

With me baby its all uphill..
Impossible though it may seem, I'll even foot the bill !!!


  1. ...continuing...

    And I don't care if you're male or female,
    I'll foot that bill for anything without a tail.

    Sorry couldn't resist that... Very funny stuff though. Awesome ;)

  2. @Rach
    Hmm.. male or female...thats really food for thought!
    Secret Admirer, if you are male, dont try to correct me.. I could do with a few rosy illusions in my life !

  3. Illusions for how long will u remain ...
    thought u would be sayin this ...

  4. lopper nan magne....

    well atleast someone has written a blog keeping me in mind