Monday, January 05, 2009

5 Things You can do in Nagpur but not in Bangalore

5) Cough up Rs 45 for a shady looking Masala Dosa in a shady looking roadside hotel.

4) Travel in any vehicle in any direction for not less than 40 minutes and find yourself out of the city.

3) Buy sweets for half the cost compared to Bangalore.

2) Get up at 9:30 am,decide to watch Ghajini at 10 am, leave home at 11 am , reach the theatre at 11.20 am buy tickets at 11.30 am and wait patiently for the movie to start at 12 pm.

1) Ride a bike like crazy at top speed on heavenly roads without wearing a Helmet !!

1 comment:

  1. oh these rules apply to any small town as compared to bangalore..
    but the masala dosa thingy is specific to any north indian town :)