Saturday, April 11, 2009

no need to apologise, really!

some times at night when I flop on to the bed
I think of what I should or should'nt have said
everything seems to have happened by chance..
should I or should'nt I have cared for a second glance?

no one is all evil, not everyones perfect
its best not to have too much to expect
everyones trapped in their own little world
in their own actions and emotions they're hurled

its ok if sometimes I cant get
whats going on in your mind
there are some awkward pauses i'll bet
but its time to leave all those behind

so let you be you and let me be me
theres no need to apologise, really!


  1. really liked this one! nice to re-discover you as a poet, writer, thinker, and a to be Purdue-ite:)

  2. @aastha,
    Thanks.. this poem was very spontaneous and meaningful when I wrote it.. inspired by someone very very dear to me!

  3. Truely touched my heart!
    I think we all hold this deep seeded feeling inside us at sumpoint of time or perhaps its there constantly but vestigial,a desperate attempt to read the minds of people,it happens with me frequently too!
    Nicely woven post Nikhil!