Sunday, May 10, 2009


What does it really mean to be happy?

Is being happy a journey or a destination?

What is the connection between happiness and excellence?

Does long term happiness imply sacrifice of momentary happiness?

Are happiness and sadness two sides of the same coin?


  1. Y such profoundity all of a sudden?

  2. all your posts point to MS /MBA... right?

  3. hmmm.. probably because Happiness is a serious business !!

  4. @ankith
    Not really man.. but you can look at it that way too i guess.

  5. I'd like to believe that 'being happy' should be a journey rather than the destination - coz we may not always reach the destination successfully, and the journey shouldn't turn out to be a waste or a source of frustration just because the end result wasn't to our satisfaction.
    So ideally, whatever you're doing, do it because you want to do it & enjoy doing it, and not because you think it will lead you to something happier eventually.

    And I guess you're having way too much time to ponder :)

  6. @Sumana
    Youre right about the journey vs destination part.. And about the time to ponder part too!

  7. life is an expression of happiness every moment, than pursuit of one!
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