Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Off I go

Somebody’s off to Purdue this year to do his Masters degree in Electrical Engineering.
If the manages to hop on to the plane before it takes off.
If he miraculously avoids misplacing his passport.
If he doesn't get stuck in maddening Bangalore traffic.
…you get the drift.

The last year in general has been one hell of a year for me (for those with no sense of humor…should I say no sense of bad humor ... by somebody in the previous para I meant myself).The last two years in particular were easily among the toughest in my life in more ways than one. Shifting companies, losing touch with once-close friends, preparing for cat, applying for ms, battling loneliness, picking up pieces. Trying to make sense of my part in this universe. And what not. I’ll try to pen down those memories some time later in another post perhaps. For now…its been one hell of a roller coaster ride.

And I'm guessing the coming years won’t be a cake walk either!! So here I am , writing posts in the lull before the storm. Here’s me wishing myself the best of luck. I know I need it!!


  1. All the best !! :)
    Pop champagne at Champaign.

  2. Best wishes from my side too!! :)BEE FOCUSSED ;)

  3. Are you getting emotional before leaving? Justified. Pen down your thoughts before excitement subsides and memories fade away. Have a great time ahead. Dude be more regular on twitter, you're missing all fun.

  4. Deja vu!!!
    But 2 months into this new land, I'm not one bit disappointed....I'm sure u wont be either...
    Hv a super time there...Yenjaaaaay maadu!! :P

  5. all the best man! dont see any problems for a RVite!
    from a fellow RV alum!

  6. Hey Nikhil... just chanced upon your blog through (who turns out to be) a mutual acquaintance!!

    All the best... do keep in touch... & let me know if you get to play football there!! :)