Friday, March 19, 2010

Only so much

Its 1.00 am in the night
All my roomies are still up alright
But for keyboard strokes and mouse clicks, the air is quiet

Such is the fate of people in grad school
Let it not for one second fool
You into thinking all's well and cool

Its bloody cold, sometimes its quite hot too
In this silly place Purdue
The weather can be irritating like nose goo
About this theres only so much you can do.


  1. Lol :) Nose goo????! :D

  2. Yup..nose goo!! There I said it again ;)

  3. You've lost it mate! Totally !! :D


  4. I reiterate - Mug this up - 'Ye jo des hai tera...'
    This fits well into ur 'abysmal jokes' label!

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