Sunday, June 07, 2009

No perfect time

Philosophical musings :
For most of the important things we do, there is no perfect time. Some of us spend eons planning, forecasting and trying to make things go exactly the way we want them to. This is where we forget the doing things right is nowhere as important as doing the right things. At the right time. We often post-pone the most important tasks waiting till we get enough time or the quintessential mood and environment that the important task deserves. And guess what, the perfect time more often than not never comes. The task then remains a nagging shadow following you all around all the time. Finally things come to such a boil that you just want to get get over with the damm task at hand. At some point you become convinced that things cannot possibly go any worse(which is wrong in the first place.Things can always get worser). And proceed with the task painfully. Once this is over its such a big relief! And then a few days later you look back and discover that your life didnt depend on the single task.And wonder why the hell you made such a fuss about it in the first place.


  1. Preetha1:50 AM

    Wow..I'm in the waiting-for-the-right-time stage of postponing right now, and and these words couldn't ring truer! Just happened to stumble on to this blog. Do keep writing :)

  2. @Preetha: great to hear that this resonates with you :)

  3. ha ha.. ofcourse.. :) set the ball in action.. :)