Monday, June 15, 2009

Visa Power! Went and got it.

I got my visa today from the Chennai consulate.

Luckily for me my cousin lives in Chennai, so accommodation,food and entertainment was well taken care of. Yesterday was spent mostly in the last minute arrangement of documents, ironing of shirts, ignoring of comments from well wishers on how people in general(and I in particular) should keep everything ready a few (read many) days before an important event.

Next day morning I was all set for my interview. Adrenalin was oozing in my veins. I found an auto and the infamous haggling over fares began. The entire journey was spent having alternating animated discussions on how tough life is for auto-karas in Chennai, and how often passengers are taken for a BIG ride (in more ways than one ) by the aforementioned autokaras. I didn't have much time at all to ponder over the questions that could be fired at me. I left the auto decidedly refreshed and invigorated by all the verbal jostling.

The VISA consulate at Anna Salai is quite a fortress. In a not so auspicious move I got down and tried to enter the building from the exit. And I was kicked out before I could get in. Anyway I walked all the way around to the entry point and stood in the looong queue. Nervous candidates and more nervous parents were standing there. I met so many people from Bangalore, from my college , from my school.. the world is really a small place.

One thing I probably realised - how I was lacking in good organization and filing of documents. Most of the people had come with such neat plastic "document suitcases" which contained flaps for all papers and even little coloured labels - ready made with text like Marks Card , TOEFL , I20 etc. And there I was carrying ALL my important original documents in a simple plastic cover.

As usual I had come around one hour early for my interview at 8:30 am. I had to wait till around 10.00 am till I got my chance. And five minutes later, a plump jolly American woman told me my Visa was approved. I did a wild tribal celebratory dance after hearing this. In my mind of course. And then had a coffee and walked out of there.

About the interview and the two plus hour wait .. I'll probably try to write in another post..suffice it to say that its not an easy wait and you get a zillion thoughts and emotions running through your head. So now its time to look forward and hope for the best...


  1. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Hey Nikhil
    Heartiest Congratulations!! A very pleasant news. Let's catch up, once I come back.

  2. A Visa can change your life!!lol...

    A small visa by the Chennai Consulate,a life changing moment for Nikhil!!!!

    A Visa in need is a visa indeed!!

    Go Visa!!

    A visa is man's best friend!!

    There are some dreams only Visa can fulfill,for everything else there is no need for a visa!!

    Aah!!! In the end...Wearing Visa coloured glasses..... ;) Best of Luck,dude!

  3. congrats! student visa? which university?

  4. Anonymous7:56 AM

    "Wearing Visa coloured glasses "
    What was that ?

  5. Yay! Namoora hotel inda thirga treat kodsu :D

  6. @Chintan
    Thanks!! Sure ..all are waiting for your comeback..!

    So many quotes!!! Someone needs to add such ones in their own blog ;)

    Thanks kane! Going to Purdue ECE ...

    Sure .. next time namma mane li Namoora Hotel oota!!