Monday, December 01, 2008

A Fitting Ending

Yesterday I was going through my cupboard, searching feverishly for a decent pair of pants. That I found clothes in the cupboard was in itself a big deal. Usually the peripatetic cottons were on a mission to get entrenched in every nook and cranny of my room.

It was then that I came across my trusty old denim jeans pant. It’s been a while, I thought. I’ve had few friends who are closer to me than my jeans have been. This pant was ancient: it dated more than 8 years back, and carried a lot of weigh for me - emotionally and physically. I remembered the first few times I wore the pair to tuitions while preparing for 12th board exams (2ndPUC in Karnataka). I was so careful not to get them dirty then. By the way, Sorry, jeans for never letting you feel the female touch - except probably the washer-woman’s scrapes - I missed it as much as you probably did (Note to self: make it clear that you missed the female touch but not the washer-woman’s scrapes)

Soon came the days of engineering, I had practically lived my four years of BE in that pair of jeans. There were many days especially during the internals and exams when the jeans and I did not get a glimpse of soap and water for more days than I will admit. I didn’t mind them getting dirty at all. Then there was football, I’ve played so often and have picked up myself from the ground battered and bruised but never once did I lose my cool or my pant.

Alas ! Then I started working. As life became comfortable, so did my waist. The first six months or so were ok for me and my jeans, but as time went there came a certain frostiness in our relationship, I saw less and less of my jeans. Of course it was totally my fault. I had found a new love. Food. I was willing to compromise … I cut back on sweets and fast food by a large extent, but the jeans were too demanding, no question of compromise! It remained stuck at 32 inches. Unwilling to change with the times or external circumstances. What else to do other than break up?

Anyway, alls well that ends well. I’ve found it now after about two years and am amazed that I have to suck up my tummy only so much before I could get into it ;)

Lesson: you ALWAYS have to suck up while mending a broken relationship. It’s the law.

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